Jenny came to know Christ at the age of 16 and her mission in life is to serve and empower people. Her first assignment in life was to empower her children. Alongside that as the wife of a local church pastor, she catalytically mobilised many church members to effectively live out their callings. After a 5 year period working as a Hospice sister, taking care of terminally ill cancer and Aids patients, she founded Kuyasa, a ministry in a township, to uplift and empower marginalised children and youth. This ministry grew to significant capacity with 23 staff members serving more than 500 children and adults on a daily basis.

As a result of the HIV/Aids pandemic in SA, the community where she worked was left with hundreds of orphans and dysfunctional homes. In this ministry, caring for more than 300 orphans, she discovered the essentials for child development and leadership empowerment.

Jenny and her husband have been doing courses in marriage enrichment for over 30 years and has gained a wealth of knowledge from on-going discipleship.
With a rich experience of the challenges of motherhood in affluent and poor communities, she now serves mothers worldwide to understand motherhood according to God’s design, serving their husbands and children in order to bring heaven into the home.

Her motherhood course consists of: The needs of child and youth development, personal growth and healing, an abbreviated update of the father training, marriage enrichment, sharing of the key roles of motherhood according to God’s design, practical application and a visual demonstration of how mothers and wives should function.

Having visited more than 60 countries, she is very conscious of cultural diversity and facilitates a process which is culturally appropriate. Her dream is to see trainers on motherhood in more than 100 countries over the world in a multiplying discipleship movement. Participants in the training testify about a God experience, redeemed understanding of motherhood and having been empowered to train others.

Jenny is married to Cassie and has 4 children and
3 grandchildren. She loves every moment of being a grandmother and enjoys gardening.

10:30 - 11:30 AM

Sept. 16 Main Event

Girl Power: How to Be Feminine in a Feminist World

Girls are sexualized on social media. Women act like men to feel equal. And Christians are criticized for their beliefs about the role of women in the family. Discover the special qualities that God wants for wives, daughters, and mothers.