The promo discount applies when the quantity indicated is 2, as instructed in the shopping cart. The system will automatically include 2 more complimentary tickets. If you inputted more than 2, the promo will not apply.
But no worries! We would love to extend to you the equivalent number of complimentary tickets you qualify for under the B2T2 promo.
Kindly go to the link below and fill out the form so we can process your request:


We accept credit & debit cards, bank transfer/deposit, and GCash Bills Payment. When paying via credit/debit card, a 2.5% service charge applies.

You’ll immediately receive your eTicket via email, if paid via credit/debit card. Bank transfers & bill payment will undergo a clearing period of 5-7 working days, prior to sending out the eTicket.

We have a great Sports and Kids Camp program for youth and children. They’ll be much happier in those Camps than joining the Main Conference. Guaranteed! But hey, we understand. If you must bring them with you, then yes it’s possible for a nominal Companion Access Fee.

CHILDREN ages 4-15, and YAYAs are welcome to join you in the Main Hall for a nominal fee of Php 100 for each Companion Access badge. Payment collected during event check-in. AGES 16+ must have a paid Conference ticket. NOTE: Attendees with only a companion ID and not the full Conference ticket, can only stay in the Main Hall. They will not be accepted into workshops held in other rooms, due to limited venue capacity.

No. Activate your Ticket Number by registering it here [insert link]. Simply put, an unregistered ticket will not be recognized by the system during event check-in. And who wants that hassle, right? See section on Ticket Registration FAQs.

Please check for emails coming from ‘[email protected]’ as the email may have been auto filtered to your sub-folders. Still unable to locate it? Email us at [email protected] with the name and e-mail used for the ticket purchase, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Tickets are non-refundable but transferable. If you would like to transfer your ticket, e-mail an authorization including the details of the transfer recipient to [email protected].


Tickets are by default inactive for your own security. Activate your Ticket Number by pre-registering it here. [insert link]. Pre-registration is a MUST.

Don’t wait until the deadline. When you activate your ticket, you’ll be able to reserve a slot for your preferred workshop. So activate your ticket now! [insert link] Otherwise, deadline for Ticket Activation is on Sep 10, 2023.

Yes. ALL tickets, Conference + Sports Camp + Kids Camp need to be activated. Ticket activation for all family members can be done by just one (1) family member under his/her account.

  1. Secure a slot for your preferred workshop, as there are limited seats per topic.
  2. Receive a personalized name badge.
  3. Enjoy guaranteed event access in case of lost ticket.
  1. Campers receive a personalized name badge.
  2. Parents receive a secured Electronic Fetcher’s Pass for seamless check-out at the Camps.
  3. Send instructions to Camp guides on allergies & other concerns of your children.

Activate your Ticket Number by pre-registering it here. Ticket activation for all family members can be done by just one (1) adult.

Yes. By creating an account, you can easily edit your Ticket (and your family members) registration details if needed. For CCF Commitment Card Holders, simply log-in to your Small Groups account. NOTE: You do not need to create a separate account for your children’s Camp Tickets.

Registration is done on a one e-mail, one ticket basis. While it’s possible to activate/register several tickets under a single Account Login, each Conference Ticket for adults should have a unique email associated with it. NOTE: Your children’s Camp Tickets do not need an email address.

  1. If you bought the ticket yourself
    Please check all your email addresses for an Activation Confirmation email from Counterflow 2023. Recall the username you nominated during registration. Log-in and view/edit your registration.

  2. If someone else bought the ticket for you
    The person who gave you the ticket may have registered it already for you. Kindly check with him/her. If none of these have resolved your registration issue, send us a message at along with your ticket number and our Support Team will be happy to assist you. You may reach us via:
    Chat: Messenger
    Email: [email protected]

You may try re-setting your password via You may also reach us through the following channels: 

Mobile: (+639088906898)
Chat: Messenger
Email: ([email protected])


YES. Certain workshops require a reservation due to limited seating. If you fail to reserve a slot, you’ll automatically be assigned to workshops held at the Main Hall.

You can reserve a slot when you pre-register your ticket number. You’ll be asked to indicate your preferred workshops.

When workshops are filled to capacity, they will no longer appear in the drop-down box during pre-registration. Choose from the other great topics instead.

Sure! Simply log-in to your account and choose from the available options. Registration closes a few days before the event.

You’ll have access to the workshop you registered for, as well the one ongoing at the Main Hall. But don’t worry – all workshops will be recorded so you don’t miss out on any of the learnings.

A few days before the event, you’ll receive a link to download the Counterflow Digital Magazine. As for taking down notes, do bring your own writing materials.


Yes, registration is a MUST. Activate your Ticket Number by pre-registering it here. [insert link]. Registration can be done under the parent’s Account Login.

Activewear (shirt, shorts, leggings, joggers) and sneakers are a must! Please also pack extra clothes, a towel, snacks, and a water bottle.

Yes it includes a heavy PM Snack. However, please pick up your children after the morning sessions so you can all have lunch together. (Campers ages 13+ can leave without a Fetcher). Families are responsible for packing their AM & PM snacks and a water bottle. Water stations are available for refills.

No. Campers are highly encouraged to be mask-free for their own wellness due to the physical nature of the activities.  They may put their masks on during periods of rest & team huddles.

Check-in is at the Lobby, along with adult Conference Ticket holders. Upon claiming of the Sports Camp badge, proceed to the 7F Gym. Elevators are across the Check-in Counters.

Adolescents aged 13+ are allowed to come and go. Children ages 10-12 need to be picked up by the authorized Fetcher. An Electronic Fetcher’s Pass will be emailed to said Fetcher/s upon ticket activation/registration.

No, Adult Ticket holders can only attend the Plenary & Workshops. However, at the end of the conference, there will be a Family Fun Hour when Sports Camp & Kids Camp will be open to all. As a family, you can roam around the Camps and experience the activities together.


Yes, registration is a MUST. Activate your Ticket Number by pre-registering it here. [insert link]. Registration can be done under the parent’s Account Login.

Children should wear comfortable clothes and sneakers they can play games in.

Please pack an extra set of clothes, a towel, snacks, and a water bottle. All belongings should be labeled clearly with your child’s first and last name.

No it does not. Please pick up your children after the morning sessions so you can all have lunch together. Families are responsible for packing their AM & PM snacks and a water bottle. Water stations are available for refills.

We highly encourage that kids always wear their masks (even during play) to protect themselves and others.

Check-in will be at the room assigned to your child’s age group. When you arrive, please check the Announcement Board at the Lobby for the specific room assignment. Follow the directional signages or ask any of the Ushers for assistance.

Parents and guardians may visit their children during certain times in the day to play the activities with them. Please make sure you have your passes with you and always be ready to present this to our security marshals.

Yes, guardians are welcome to be with your child during the activities. However, we would like to have them also help out by assisting us during the activities. Please purchase a Companion Access for your guardian.

Yes! We have a complimentary & dedicated section inside the Main Hall for you and your young ones. The sessions are live-streamed to this room so you can continue watching the conference.

We are implementing numerous safety measures like temperature checks, frequent disinfecting and cleaning, reminding all kids to wear their masks, and encouraging them to wash their hands frequently.


Food and drinks are not allowed inside the Main Hall. However, there are several food options within the building and surrounding areas.

An ambulance and an emergency team will be on standby throughout the duration of the Conference. These are medical professionals capable of providing first aid interventions. Please adhere to the standard health and safety protocols to protect yourself and those around you.

Upon entrance, you will be asked to remove your mask for a few seconds, for CCTV recording. Your bags will also go through the X-ray machine.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) personnel are also present for everyone’s protection.



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