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Cassie Carstens is the founder of The World Needs a Father (TWNAF), a global movement active in over 100 countries focused on tackling the scourge of fatherlessness. TWNAF  helps fathers and mothers bring heaven home around the world, impacting at least a million people from all walks of life.

Jim Burns is the president of HomeWord. He speaks to thousands of people around the world each year. He has more than 2 million resources in print in 20 languages. He primarily writes and speaks on the values of HomeWord: Strong Marriages, Confident Parents, Empowered Kids, and Healthy Leaders.

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Dr. Peter Tan-Chi is the founder and senior pastor of Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF). He co-authored a book with his wife Deonna on successful parenting entitled “MOTIVATE”, which shares biblical principles they applied in raising their five children, with whom they have 21 grandchildren.

Brad Huddleston is an internationally respected speaker, consultant, teacher, and author on important issues such as technology and culture. He has worked with universities, schools, churches, and law enforcement. And he has spoken to tens of thousands around the world on both the advantages of well-used technology tools and the dangers of the growing trend toward technology addiction.

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Nett & Bang Gochuico

Pastor Nett Gochuico has worked in the field of Human Resources – specifically in the area of Organizational Development and Change Management. He is a full-time Regional Pastor for South Luzon and concurrently the Chairman of CCF’s National Church Planting (NCP) Committee. He is married to Bang Gochuico, his faithful partner in ministry.

Gino and Noreen Eleria specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) coaching and relationship counselling. They lead a community of professional Christian Life Coaches, whom they have trained and certified in CBT and Neurolinguistic Programming.

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Gino & Noreen

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Dr. Carolyn Pedro

Dr. Carolyn Pedro graduated summa cum laude from Ateneo de Manila University, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She also went to Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health and completed both her medical degree and masters in business administration. Currently, she is also training in Functional Medicine which seeks to determine the underlying root causes for disease and illness.

Pastor Danny Urquico completed his Master’s Degree in Transformational Leadership at the International Graduate School of Leadership. He and his wife Dawn are blessed to oversee 13 CCF churches in Rizal, Pasig, and Quezon City. His compassion for the marginalized members of our society led him to establish ministries for out-of-school youth, prisoners, and drug dependents. 

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Danny & Dawn Urquico