Who’s in for a whole day of fun for their young ones? Counterflow Kids Camp is where it happens! 

Running simultaneously with the conference for adults, Counterflow Kids Camp welcomes children between the ages 3-9 years old. Games, dance, crafts and did we say games? And lots of prizes await your young ones!

Ages 8-9

Truth Guardians

From Mega Word Search and Amazing Race Games, we got group games for your 8 or 9 year old! Aside from games and dance routines, there will be fun and practical Bible lessons they will get to learn. Plus, parents will receive our Kids Camp Devo, which includes a lesson summary and discussion questions you can process with your child at home.

PM snacks are included.

Ages 5-7

Truth Seekers

If your child is between 5 and 7 years old, he or she will enjoy doing crafts, dancing along tunes, and participating in games. We have Minute-to-Win-It Games and, of course, interactive Bible lessons that will make them learn while having fun. Parents will also receive a Kids Camp Devo, which you can use when you get home to discuss questions and process the lessons they learned at Kids Camp.

PM snacks are included.

Ages 3-4

Tot's Place

Strider bikes anyone? Or maybe mobile playhouses will get your child more excited. Your pre-schooler will have a blast playing human board games and topple & ring games. They also get to work on craft materials. Camp guides are on-hand to lead kids  into praise, dance, and games. Bring home our Kids Camp Devo, with lessons and discussion questions you can process together with your child. 

PM snacks are included.


Activity Materials

You don’t need to bring a thing! All materials will be provided.

PM Snacks & Souvenir

We give snacks to munch on and bring home for your little ones.

Whole Day of Fun!

Trust us, your tiny tots will thank you for bring them to Kids Camp!

Simultaneously happening with the conference sessions,
Kids Camp runs from
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

2022 Kids Camp Highlights

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