Juancho and Joyce Pring Trivino are a power couple in the entertainment industry in the Philippines. Joyce is a TV presenter, keynote speaker, podcaster, and content creator. She is also an ambassador for Education for World Vision.

Joyce shares her knowledge and experience in hosting and public speaking, and she advises everyone to read a lot and listen to others.

.Juancho, on the other hand, is a TV host, actor, and model. He is also a fitness enthusiast and a sportsman. The couple co-hosts the morning show Unang Hirit on GMA Network

They got married in February 2020. Joyce and Juancho are both active on social media, where they share their personal and professional lives with their followers. Joyce's podcast, AdultingWithJoycePring, is available on Spotify.

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Sept. 16 Main Event

Swipe Left or Swipe Up: Sex and Dating for Teens, Singles, and Couples

What's the right age to date? What should you look for in a potential spouse? What does it really mean to be pure? What can you do if you're beset with shame and guilt? Learn how to navigate romantic relationships with a Christian perspective.