Judah is the Co-founder of Lead Out Coaching & Consultancy Inc., alongside his wife, Earl Beja-Paolo, which boldly aims to create flourishing corporate cultures, one company at a time, through Faith-based seminars and programs since 2012, as Speaker- Evangelist- Apologist.

He has been married to Earl for 14 years. They have three wonderful children: Sophia, Emma, and Colin. Furthermore, Judah was a former Commercial model and TV personality, yet found his niche in the Entertainment Industry as an Emcee for On-Cam Television shows and Live Events , and as a Spokesperson for several NGOs for the last 2 decades. Today, he has fully dedicated his life to honouring God through his family, business, ministry, and passion for producing a body of work that exalts the name of Jesus Christ. Currently, the project head for CCF's Think Dicispleship, an Apologetic efffort of GLC. Recently graduated from the  (OCCA) Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics Business Program 2023.


Earl is an advocate of God’s Truth & Beauty.

Her life’s work is on Transformation & Human Flourishing ,by Presenting the Whole Counsel of God and Defending the Faith.

She is the Founder & Executive Director of A Woman’s Forum www.awomansforum.com a channel to champion women to think things through the longing of their hearts and integrity of the mind, such that they walk in their Callings.

She champions “Truth and Reality: from confusion to clarity”; “ Truth and Love: you don’t know one without the other; “ Living by Order & Design “; “Power in Suffering“; Sound Mind in a Crazy World”; “Restoring Integrity ;“Naked With Out Shame”; “Holy Ambition” and “Christian Character and Culture” among others.

Earl is also the Co-Founder and coach of Lead Out Coaching & Consultancy, which provides seminars and training programs for personal and corporate values transformation & culture building, using Biblical principles since 2012.

She is a graduate and actively participates in the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics (OCCA)Business Program. She has been in the field of Communication for more 23 years now.

Her professional experience was in the Media and Entertainment industry as an Investigative-broadcast journalist; TV News Reporter, Producer, and Host. She holds a BA in Communication Arts. With Business Management Program Certificates at the Institute of Media & Entertainment Management, NYC.

Now serving alongside her husband Judah, Earl is growing her Corporate and Women Leadership ministry in Evangelism, Apologetics & Spiritual Formation. While continually pursuing academic excellence and effective training in Biblical & Systematic Theology, Apologetics, Spiritual Formation and Christian Ethics .

Earl is a committed homeschooler for her 3 children, Sophia Emma and Colin. Earl has been married for 14 years to Judah Paolo, an Evangelist- Apologist. Volunteers as an itinerant speaker, teacher, and minister in Christ Commission Fellowship, Project head for “ Think Discipleship”.