Yvette is married to her Kingdom Partner, Mike Yap, who is a full-time servant at Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF). They are blessed with a 1 year old baby, Hallel.

Yvette was redeemed by Christ from her former religious affiliation and has been encouraging others on how to navigate around this religious sect. This is why she is passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever she goes. Yvette is also a host and a speaker who empowers women. Currently, she is also called to the marketplace as a senior brand manager at GCash.

Together with her husband, they strive to apply biblical truths in their personal life, church ministry, and market place endeavors, all for the glory and renown of Jesus Christ.

1:30 - 2:30 PM

Sept. 16 Main Event

Breaking the Bondage of Addiction: How to Be Free From the Things that Bind Us

Whether it's video games or porn, drugs or alcohol, shopping or social media, it can be so easy to spiral out of control. Find out what you can do to break free and stay free from addiction.